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Now YOU Can Witness the Power of AI By Watching Real World Examples Of How It's Successfully Being Used In Various Online Marketing Tactics And Strategies!

The future is now! Let me show you how to use AI (artificial intelligence) in your marketing by watching my real world implementation tactics that you can take and use in YOUR own online business to make money…

Hey there! I’m Liz Tomey and I’ve recently begun my journey using AI in my online business and I’m absolutely amazed by its power. It has changed my online marketing like nothing else I've ever used in my almost 20 years of online marketing...

My profits are UP!

My email open rates are UP!

My click rates are UP!

My content consumption is UP!

My sales are UP!

And… I’m saving a ton of time!

Wait, Liz, what is AI (Artificial Intelligence) exactly?

AI is like a super-smart helper for online businesses. It can do amazing things to make your work easier and more successful. For example, AI can look at a lot of information really quickly and figure out what customers might like. It can also do tasks automatically, saving time and effort. AI can even give businesses important advice! It's kind of like having a really smart friend who knows all the tricks to make your online business better and more popular. Which comes down to YOU making more money in your online business!

So, do you...

Want to know how you can start using AI in your online business in multiple ways for better results in your marketing?
Want to know what AI tools and resources DO and DON’T work?
Want to know how to save time and ONLY use what actually works and bypass all the misinformation and flat-out scams?

Then simply click on the button below and enter your name and email address in the form. You’ll get updates on my journey with using AI in my online business. Simply, take what you learn from me and put it to work in YOUR online business for MORE success in LESS time!

You’ll also get access to my “secret diary” where I’m journaling exactly what I’m doing and the results I’m getting! This is going to become your secret weapon to profitably using AI in your online business, so you can get better results with your marketing!

I'm Liz Tomey...

After almost 20 years of building online businesses in multiple niches along with using and even developing online marketing tactics I've been absolutely blown away with the power of AI (artificial intelligence). It's doing MULTIPLE things in my business that are giving me better results in less time. That simply translate to more money and more time NOT working in my business.

I've developed this site to document my entire journey with AI so I can share all of these amazing tactics and strategies with my readers and followers. I hope you'll join me on this journey, learn a lot from me, and most importantly replicate what I'm doing for your own successes!

See you on the inside!

Yes, Liz, I’m ready to start harnessing the power of using AI in my online business! I’d love to follow you on your real world journey and learn all of your secrets! Count me in!

Going through the free training from Jonas accelerated my progress! 

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Yes, Liz, I’m ready to start harnessing the power of using AI in my online business! I’d love to follow you on your real world journey and learn all of your secrets to using AI to make more money in your online businesses! Count me in! 

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