Welcome To The Journey Future!

Great! You're in! As I said on the last page, I'm Liz Tomey and I have been creating and marketing online businesses for almost 20 years now. I'm basically an Internet dinosaur, but unlike the rest I'm STILL not extinct!  Not many can say that they've had an online business this long and I owe my success to many things, but the main thing is I never stop learning and I never stop incorporating change and new technology into my online businesses. AI has shaken up the online business world and is allowing us to do so much more so much better and so much faster. That's what I've dedicated an entire "come along with me journey" to my readers and followers. AI is THAT important! 

So, let's get you started...

Step 1: An email was just sent to you welcoming you and it's got some great AI learning resources in it. As I develop new learning resources for you, review AI related products, etc., I will send you an email so you can stay in the know. Make sure you read that welcome email. Every single word of it, so you know what's going on. It's easy to get lost in all of the information, but if you focus and follow my directions you're going to get the most from your time with me. 

Step 2: Watch the video below because I'm going to put my "coach" hat on, give you some serious direction with AI, and tell you what to watch for because the scammers ARE ready to take your money.

Step 3: Use the links below the video to navigate yourself around AIForIM.com because this site is full of great information, resources, tools, tutorials, etc. 

If at anytime during your journey you have questions or comments feel free to contact me at LizLive.com

I look forward to seeing your success with AI and everything I have to teach you about using it to get better results from your business!

Talk soon!

All the latest tools and information on AI for Internet marketers and online business owners!

When it comes to using AI in your online business there are a lot of tools and resources. Here is what I'm currently using...

Have questions about anything AI for online business related? Have comments or want to reach out? Then contact me!