The Best AI Resources

Hi there and welcome to the resources page! Below you will find several different resources that I use when it comes to AI (artificial intelligence)  and resources that have helped me to learn to use it in the most powerful ways within my business. Take a look and see what you need from this list. And of course… If you have questions, comments, feedback and/or suggestions please contact me!

AI Tools:

ChatGPT – ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue. You type “Prompts” in and it responds to those “prompts”. It can respond to questions and compose various written content, including articles, social media posts, essays, code and emails. You can get a free account or upgrade to a more powerful version. Get your account at

Bard – Bard is another AI chatbot that works a lot like ChatGPT. However where ChatGPT is using data with the latest information from 2021, Bard uses it’s own database, but also the Internet. Bard is a factual language model, which means that it is trained on a massive dataset of text and code to generate text that is factually accurate and relevant to the topic at hand. You can get a free account at

Note: I don’t prefer one over the other of these two. I use them both and sometimes I use them simultaneously and together to get what I need.

MidJourney – This is a totally different tool than the two I mentioned above. Midjourney is an AI program that can create images from text prompts. It can generate realistic, cartoony, abstract, and surreal images. You can adjust the mood and composition of images, and generate images based on your own prompts or from a pre-existing collection of prompts. It’s super powerful and create almost any kind of image you need for anything in your business. Ads, social media content, graphics, etc. You can get a free account at – This is the easiest AI graphics creator I’ve come across and currently it’s totally free. I am absolutely LOVING this tool to create all kinds of different images for many different needs within my online business.

Wave AI – Is the world’s first 50-in-1 Google Bard PaLM2 powered app suite that does everything! It creates content, eye catchy graphics, converts text to video, text to image, it’s an AI chatbot, creates videos from keywords, creates images from keywords, corrects grammar, makes image variations, creates product names, summarizes & explains text, creates topic outlines, it does proofreading, it’s an analogy maker, keyword extractor, ad copy & spreadsheet generator, and so much more! You can get access to Wave AI by clicking here.

Bing Create – Use Bing Create powered by DALL-E3 to create amazing images EASILY!

Microsoft Designer – I use this along with Bing Create to take my images I create in Bing Create and turn them into promotional images I can use in my online business. It’s a beast and can do way more than that!

Pictory AI – This is the BEST AI video creation software I have found, and I absolutely love it. This ONE software does more and BETTER than any other ONE software out there and actually does what it would take 5 other software products to do individually. Totally worth the money!

AdCreative AI – If you’re using paid advertising this is a great AI tool to help you with creating and analyzing your ads!

Prompts – Now while these aren’t tools like we’ve talked about above; they are tools you use WITH AI. Prompts are simply text or code that are used to instruct an AI tool to perform a certain task. You can create these yourself and you can also buy prompts that others have created to perform certain tasks.

If you’re looking for AI prompts to buy a quick Google search will give you more options than you’ll ever need, but if you don’t want to spend hours searching here are some prompts you can buy that are specifically for online business owners.

Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts (500 Prompt Package)

Midjourney Art Prompts

121 ChatGPT Prompts for Internet Marketers

200 ChatGPT Prompts for Power Copywriting

150 ChatGPT Prompts for Email Marketing Mastery

138 ChatGPT Prompts for Free Traffic

100 ChatGPT Tone of Voice Prompts

177 ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Unique Content


More AI tools coming soon…

AI Learning Resources:

Cash Prodigy – I’ve been learning about AI for a while now, but it was mainly just pieces of information from my colleagues, YouTube, and other random free online sources. I wanted to take my work with AI to the next level, so I started buying courses and Cash Prodigy was one of the first courses I went through. It’s perfect for those who are just getting started to see MANY different ways AI can be used in an online business. I REALLY liked this training and you can’t beat the low cost to get access. You can see exactly what’s in Cash Prodigy by clicking here.


More AI learning resources coming soon…