AI Tools For Research For Internet Marketers

As Internet marketers and online business owners, there are all kinds of different things that we research. I feel like 35% or more of my time is spent in research mode. Now with AI though we can research deeper, better, and faster! I’m creating this post so that you have a resource to return to over and over again when you want to do all the different research activities for your online business. Below you’ll find the current AI tools I use for the different types of research I do in my business.

Do you have AI tools that you use for research in your online business? Leave your recommendations in the comments below…

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1. Google’s Bard – Keyword research, niche research, content and product development research, etc.

2. ChatGPT – Keyword research, niche research, content and product development research, etc. Even though ChatGPT is similar to Bard I still use it because sometimes it gives me more of what I need.

3. MidJourney – This is a AI graphics generator, but I use it to get inspiration for any graphic needs that I may have. Things like images for social media posts, blog posts, covers for digital products, images for inside of your digital products, and more.

4. Ideogram.AI – Same as above. 😉

More tools coming soon…


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