AI Tools For Sales Creation For Internet Marketers

By now we all know that AI is super powerful!

I’ve talked about how to use AI for research in your online business, how to create digital products with AI that you can use to sell and make money and how grow your email list, and a ton more!

But… In my opinion, AI REALLY shines for us Internet marketers and online business owners when we use it to create sales in our online business!

I use AI to create the components of my sales letters (this is how I create full on sales letters), emails, scripts for sales videos, videos, affiliate promos, and a ton of other stuff!

AI does a lot of cool stuff, but THIS, guys… If you have an online business, being able to create words/images/videos that get people to take action on what you’re putting in front of them…


That’s when the money-comes in…

I’ve always been “ok” at doing this, but with AI I have really up’ed my game with this kind of stuff and my email open rates are up, conversions on sales letters and squeeze pages are up, clicks are up, etc. etc. etc…

Know what that means?

Profits-are up!!!!!!

In this post, I’m going to show you the tools I’m using in my online business that allows me to use AI to create sales in many different ways!

But first… Do you have AI tools that you use for research in your online business? Leave your recommendations in the comments below…

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Let’s dive into the tools!

1. Google’s Bard – Keyword research, niche research, content and product development research, etc.

2. ChatGPT – Keyword research, niche research, content and product development research, etc. Even though ChatGPT is similar to Bard, I still use it because sometimes it gives me more of what I need.

3. Pictory AI – This is the BEST AI video creation software I have found, and I absolutely love it. This ONE software does more and BETTER than any other ONE software out there and actually does what it would take 5 other software products to do individually. Totally worth the money!

4. AdCreative AI – If you’re using paid advertising this is a great AI tool to help you with creating and analyzing your ads!

More tools coming soon…

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