AI Tools For Social Content Creation

Creating content for ALL the different social networks we’re on is super time consuming and A LOT of work for us online business owners. 🥵️

However, now with AI tools and some amazing prompts, you can quickly and easily create tons of content for all of the social networks that you want to use. Not only that, but you can also use AI to learn how to use social networks and use many different strategies to get traffic from the several social networks available to you.

In this post, I’m going to show you the tools I’m using in my online business that allows me to use AI to create sales in many different ways!

But first… Do you have AI tools that you use for creating social media content in your online business? Leave your recommendations in the comments below…

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Ok… Here are the tools…

1. Google’s Bard – Keyword research, niche research, content and product development research, etc.

2. ChatGPT – Keyword research, niche research, content and product development research, etc. Even though ChatGPT is similar to Bard I still use it because sometimes it gives me more of what I need.

3. Bing Create – Use Bing Create powered by DALL-E3 to create amazing images EASILY!

4. MidJourney – This is a AI graphics generator, but I use it to get inspiration for any graphic needs that I may have. Things like images for social media posts, blog posts, covers for digital products, images for inside of your digital products, and more.

5. Microsoft Designer– I use this along with Bing Create to take my images I create in Bing Create and turn them into promotional images I can use in my online business. It’s a beast and can do way more than that!

6. Pictory AI – This is the BEST AI video creation software I have found, and I absolutely love it. This ONE software does more and BETTER than any other ONE software out there and actually does what it would take 5 other software products to do individually. Totally worth the money!

More tools coming soon…

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